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You can learn about how HH Driveright came about, the team behind it and what our focus is on when it comes to telematic solutions, right here on this page. We’re based in Leeds but cater to clients nationwide. For enquiries, contact us directly.


  • HH Driveright – Our Story
    HH Driveright was established in 2018. Within 12 months, we had developed a driver app with vehicle management technology and a vehicle tracking and immobilisation device to improve safety, security and provide quality management information for the benefit of the driver and the business. Better management of people and assets can reduce operating costs and allow for reinvestment in further improvement. Our directors - having had personal experience of incidents involving vehicles within their own delivery business, JMHC Logistics - decided to look holistically at vehicle management and create a vision for a driving academy. They wanted to be best-in-class and lead the way in terms of a more altruistic approach to their people, putting forward the best interest of others rather than their own self-interest. They specifically wanted to ensure drivers felt supported throughout their engagement with JMHC Logistics. HH Driveright have been strong advocates of van excellence and road safety initiatives since JMHC Logistics was launched in 2011. The app itself has since been subject to rigorous due diligence regarding vehicle serviceability and roadworthiness, incorporating a daily vehicle check requirement. The tech equipment provides added vehicle security and telematic functionality. HHD has partnered with many of the regulatory bodies and industry bodies (e.g. FTA, Highways England and Driving for Better Business), to share the success of the app, the platform and associated supporting materials. The HHD modules start with an initial engagement phase, or vehicle and driver set-up, before moving on to daily vehicle management checks, all complemented by comprehensive on-going training. Identification and rectification of faults make drivers feel valued; no-one is put at risk irrespective of their employment status. The team wanted to look beyond any misconception that - as self-employed drivers - they could not be afforded the same safety support as anyone else: they are very much ‘human resource’. There are links to a variety of third-party support resources in terms of business management, insurances and accounting advice, but also access to the CALM App to encourage better relaxation and mindfulness.
  • HH Driveright – The Solution
    HHD is made up of three main sections: a) the vehicle tracker and immobilisation device; b) the driver app and c) the variety of management support packages that range from online training solutions to good management practices and HR guidance policies.
  • HH Driveright - Directors
    Husband and wife team James and Rebecca Hall have worked in the logistics industry for the past 10 years, starting with a single van and driver and building to a fully-fledged independent logistics company. This company worked tirelessly to ensure full compliance and in 2017 achieved the Van Excellence Accreditation. Working together with the FTA (Freight Transport Association), their compliance knowledge base expanded, leading to the development of HH Driveright. Their logistics company continues to work successfully with multiple delivery providers and major online retailers.
  • Meet the team
    Lindsay Robertson Business Manager Lindsay has worked with the directors for 10 years. She came to the team with a strong customer service and HR background. Lindsay's previous experience in logistics has helped her in the role and has worked with our directors to develop and mould HH Driveright into the successful and innovetive team and company that we currently are. Service and Bookings Team Our team are available to assist our customers with booking enquires and general assistance using our HHD Security and compliance systems. Our team have a wealth of of experience in technology, customer service, driving behaviours and logistics
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A great product for fleet management, security, driver behaviour and overall risk management.


We have worked with HH Driveright with a number of clients and always seen the benefits flowing through to the bottom line in a matter of months.


Fantastic product to drive insurance performance improvement into a fleet in addition to all the other obvious benefits.

Ian McCarron (Google review)


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