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5 Crucial Reasons to Get a Security System for Your Fleet

The threat of opportunist theft is increasing year on year, it has never been more important to get a security system for your vehicles.

From 2015 to 2019, van theft went up by 45% in the UK.

Also, since 2016, over 43,000 vans were stolen and a further 117,000 were broken into. The result of which is a hefty cost of £61.9 million to UK businesses, according to research conducted by WhatCar.

As a business, you must understand your options for protecting your fleet before it’s too late.

The most reliable solution is to use a fleet security system. HHDriveright has the solution.

Here are five ways we could help:

1. Deter Theft

When it comes to vehicle theft, relying on basic vehicle security is simply not enough. At present, only 42% of new vans have a basic alarm as standard. If you really want to protect your fleet, you need more robust security measures in place.

So how is our vehicle security system different?

In the event of attempted theft, our security system can automatically immobilise the vehicle and track its location to allow quick and efficient recovery.

Our technology has multiple security features, including GPS location information. Clients can also see all data, including reports about strange driver behaviour or any immobilisations.

These features can help deter or stop theft, keeping your fleet secure.

2. Improve Vehicle Safety

Our HH Driveright GM2020 technology senses when drivers leave the keys in the ignition. The system alerts the driver with an alarm. If the alert is not addressed, the system locks down and immobilises the vehicle. Remote lock and unlock capability give you full control. This keeps deliveries safe, as well as the vehicles in your fleet (if supported).

Our vehicle tracking technology sends notifications and reports when the driver is speeding or behaving strangely or dangerously. If a thief slips into your vehicle and speeds off, these alerts tell you that something is wrong. The sooner you know about the theft, the quicker you can act, preventing the vehicle from getting into any accidents or undergoing any damage due to reckless driving.

3. Driving Behaviour

These safety processes mentioned above encourage the driver to take immediate action to secure the vehicle at every relevant opportunity.

Within two days (on average), our clients report immobilisation events have reduced dramatically. Our security system dashboard identifies areas for development. It shows speeding, harsh braking, cornering, and idling, meaning a scoring system can be reported. All this is supported by an online training academy able to provide driving and safety advice.

4. Reduce Costs

If you want to catch a thief before they’re out of reach, you need to track your vehicles.

GPS tracking capabilities let you monitor the location of any vehicle in your fleet. If your van is stolen, this technology allows you to alert authorities about the stolen vehicle and use GPS tracking to locate it. This can help reduce the costs of stolen vehicles and keep operations on track.

Full visibility is available via the security system dashboard, which is accessible 24/7 on multiple devices. Reporting on location, events, fuel usage, working hours, and mileage means provides a full overview of your fleet.

Our additional driver app walks through the vehicle safety checks and provides immediate notification of any faults direct to your dedicated team. It gives the driver the ability to report any activity or event such as defects, accidents, and damage, amongst others. This is done in real-time with the added functionality to provide supporting photographs and statements.

Our accident report works in 20 languages allowing drivers to report accidents in their native language. These then translate to your nominated user in the language of their choice (including direct to insurers).

5. Performance Improvement

Running a compliant business is essential for any operation. It’s the law to ensure vehicles are safe and roadworthy. Having well-maintained vehicles prevent unscheduled downtime, which can be both costly and destructive to your organisation.

Keeping all vehicles in your fleet safe and secure is better for your bottom line. Drivers practice safer behaviour, and you can keep an eye on your fleet at all times. Using our suite of products will reduce costs and streamline your fleet management processes. We can provide a complete pathway to fleet excellence that is proven to cut costs and keep drivers safe, all at a price designed to make driver welfare and compliance achievable for anyone.

Ready to invest in a security system for your fleet?

We hope these five reasons convinced you to start protecting your fleet with a top-of-the-line security system.

HH Driveright is the full solution to your security and compliance needs at an affordable price. Our customers also benefit from access to our recommended suppliers, including reduced-rate products to suit your needs.


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