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How Our Van Vehicle Security Keeps Your Show on the Road

James Hall of HH Driveright (centre) with the Logistics UK Van Award

In September 2022, our team of vehicle security and compliance specialists at HH Driveright celebrated winning an award at the prestigious Logistics UK Van Awards. Intriguingly, we won the AA-sponsored award for ‘Keeping Your Show on the Road’, but what does that mean?

How vehicle security prevents major operational losses

Our award was specifically designed to reward a business that forearms drivers and operators with the knowledge to prepare for a wide number of eventualities that could affect their operations on the road.

Notably, HH Driveright was also shortlisted for the ‘Using Technology for Good’ award, thanks to being an innovative business, deploying technology to allow van operators to overcome key challenges, ranging from environmental to theft.

If you put the two together, you will quickly see that our technology is designed to prevent couriers and delivery specialists from incurring the major disruption and financial loss that follows vehicle theft. By using our technology to protect against van theft – both opportunistic and planned by organised gangs – a van operator can literally keep their show on the road.

How does our van security prevent theft and disruption?

HH Driveright has continually devised effective technological solutions that help van operators keep drivers, vehicles, goods, other road users and the public safe, whilst safeguarding against threats such as theft. Our portfolio of solutions includes the GM2020 device, the HHD Compliance App and advanced AI-based Damage Capture technology.

Our GM2020 will automatically immobilise any van in which the keys have been left in the ignition, if more than a 10-second timelapse has occurred. This prevents thieves from either stealing the vehicle, or the goods contained within it. An audible alert is issued prior to immobilisation, enabling the driver to take action, if they have simply forgotten to remove the keys. If they have left the vehicle and do not hear the alert, they will find that they – and any thief – is unable to drive the vehicle away. Remobilisation takes just about a minute, however, once the fleet manager is sure that it is the driver that needs access.

With this technology, fleets can avoid having a vehicle taken off the road through theft and can ensure that customers’ goods remain safe, right through to delivery. This helps safeguard the promises made to customers, with regard to delivery times, protecting the operator’s business, by ensuring that customer satisfaction levels remain high and contracts stay in place.

Keeping couriers and fleets on the road through compliance

HH Driveright has also spearheaded the drive to keep van fleet operators compliant with all that the law requires of them, developing easy-to-use solutions within which technology does the hard work and directs the end-user down compliant pathways.

By using the HHD Compliance App, a van operator can ensure they do not fall foul of the law and suffer any disruption brought about through non-compliance. They can avoid fines and potential liability claims too, by having a wealth of evidence of compliance at hand, all cleverly collected via use of the App.

Why keep your show on the road with HH Driveright?

We are dedicated to continually analysing the courier and delivery driver environment, as well as that of other fleet operators, and developing on-point solutions to enable you to stay safe, keep drivers and the public protected and ensure your vehicle is not at risk.

By also teaming up with insurance broker, McCarron Coates, who can arrange insurance discounts for customers using our technology, we also help you to reduce your insurance premiums.

Get in touch with us today, by calling 01937 830144, or view all of our solutions on the relevant pages of our website.


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