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HH Driveright Backs Employee’s Desire to Join Passionate Independent Aid Convoy -Part 1

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Rebecca Ian and James pose beside the HHDriveright Van

HH Driveright along with our partners JMHC Logistics and Net Zero are proud to be supporting 3 of our colleagues in their efforts to provide well needed aid in Ukraine.

Vehicle security and van fleet compliance specialist, HH Driveright, is taking part in a mission transporting much-needed humanitarian aid items to Ukrainian families and orphanages, which has been masterminded by two passionate men from the Selby area.

HH Driveright, itself based in Yorkshire, is backing the next trip being planned by Stuart Davison and Mitch Mitchell. This amazing pair have already made seven trips to the Ukraine and invested many thousands of pounds of their own money, to ensure Ukrainian families and orphanages have vital supplies.

In the latest mission, planned to depart from Yorkshire on Sunday, January 28, there will be another driver involved. This is HH Driveright’s driver, Ian Wilson, who desperately wanted to show his own support for Ukraine, having learned of Stuart and Mitch’s trips through a friend, who is also involved.

Knowing Ian needed financial support in order to take part, and did not have time to raise funds via a ‘giving’ page, HH Driveright stepped in and offered to cover his expenses as his sponsor.

In addition, HH Driveright has provided him with a van and arranged all the finance on the vehicle. This will be fitted with an HH Driveright GM2020 tracker, which will be adapted to solely operate in a mode that will collect details of the CO2 generated by the trip. In a true net zero way, HH Driveright will later offset the carbon, by arranging to plant trees in the areas impacted by the journey.

This mission will take items that organisations such as the Red Cross cannot take to the Ukraine, due to the limitations on their remit. This includes quilts, sleeping bags, dried food, sanitary products and warm clothing.

In addition, it will also ensure that the Ukraine receives three ambulances. Goods generously donated by people in Selby and its surrounding area, will first be taken to London by van and then repacked into the ambulances, which are in huge demand in the Ukraine. These, and the new HH Driveright vehicle, will then head to the south coast, to depart by ferry and start the long trip across mainland Europe.

The team involved will head across the Ukraine, ensuring that they stop at orphanages along the way. They will stay with families, in places like Poland, who have already become firm friends during the previous missions. They will also be meeting up with former ‘Panorama’ journalist, John Sweeney, who returned to the front line at the age of 64.

The small, independent convoy will visit some of the worst-affected areas of the Ukraine, including those in which recent shelling activity has been rife.

The trip has been co-ordinated with the help of the Ukrainian Embassy in London and the group will be accompanied by a film crew, who are recording the journey, to help raise awareness of what is happening in the Ukraine.

The efforts of Stuart and Mitch have already attracted the attention of Boris Johnson, who has recorded a video message for them, saying: “ I just want to say a million thanks to you for everything you’re doing to bring stuff to the people of Ukraine – the humanitarian mission that you’re running, I know that it makes a huge difference to them.”

For Ian Wilson, this will be baptism of fire, being his first trip to the Ukraine. It is something he passionately wishes to do, however, and he is grateful to HH Driveright for helping to make it happen.

Managing director, Rebecca Hall, says, “When Ian came to us and told us of the fantastic work that Stuart and Mitch are doing and the opportunity for him to be involved, we knew we simply had to help him fulfil his desire to help. We called upon our contacts in the fleet sector, to quickly get our hands on a vehicle that he could use and are, of course, allowing him the time away from work to make the trip. “The financial side is catered for and we just want to see him make the trip safely and come back to us, having fulfilled his ambition of helping those who really need it the most, at this awful moment in time.”

We will be sharing their progress on their journey by using our GM2020 device.

So follow us on our Facebook and Linked in to keep upto date.

Our innovative device can track both the vehicle’s movements and the CO2 levels to be able to monitor usage and efficiency in your fleet.

See the ITV news article about Stuart and Mitch below:

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