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Fleet Management Safety Podcast, What Happens Post Lockdown with Rebecca Hall

Last week Rebecca Hall, our Founder and Director of HH Driveright and JMHC Logistics joined Ian Kerr of The Postal Hub, to discuss modern fleet management – especially in the age of COVID-19. With over 500,000 yard checks being performed daily by drivers using the HH Driveright App, this podcast gives you the answers on the importance of fleet management and safety. Rebecca makes some excellent points about effective management of all vehicles, especially during and after ‘lockdown’. It also covers grey fleet management, the employees who are using their own private vehicles on company business, which as we know also falls under employer responsibility.

The podcast also covers many ways to help a business with their driver safety and vehicle security, which resulted in huge improvements for JMHC Logistics.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the button above (may take a few seconds to load and start playing).

Podcast topics. The fleet management response to COVID-19, including: • Vehicle servicing and repairs • Sourcing backup vehicles • In-house vehicle maintenance • Causes of road accidents during the pandemic • Road congestion and vehicle speed • Coaching good driving behaviour

• Using HH Driveright to check drivers are fit to work • Monitoring vehicle defects • Managing fleet accidents remotely – and quickly • Employee drivers and owner/drivers in the same fleet • Vehicle theft – causes and prevention • Regulation of the light vehicle fleet • Standard of vehicle – driven by the customer • Being a professional driver… not just someone who drives a van • Driver response to this style of fleet management • Retaining drivers

HH Driveright – Can we help? HH Driveright is a comprehensive service, using the latest technology including a driver’s app to provide a total and secure solution for managing vehicle fleets and drivers. The system has a secure database which allows organisations to maintain, retrieve and analyse all vehicles, drivers and claims management data in one place. It also has a unique innovative security system allowing vehicles to be fully protected against theft and hijack, which offers both automatic and remote immobilisation. In addition, it monitors vehicles for safety issues, predictive maintenance services and reports both driving and vehicle insights. Another great feature is the ‘Online School of Excellence’ a platform to deliver driver training & continuous development. HH Driveright is excellent value for money starting at just £5.50 per vehicle per month. More information can be found on our online shop where you can also request an online demonstration.


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