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Ukraine Trip Shows How CO2 Calculation is the Start of a Fleet’s Green Journey

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Having just collected CO2 data from a humanitarian aid trip to Ukraine, to be able to offset carbon generated by funding sustainable initiatives to compensate the environment, fleet technology firm, HH Driveright, says many more companies could be taking similar actions.

Sunlight breaking through the branches of a large healthy looking tree
Be Responsible- Offset your CO2 by planting trees – Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash

This statement comes in the wake of a January 2023 poll that showed that, for UK CEOs, ESG policies (those related to Environmental, Social and Governance) are equally important as financial ones.[i] 74% say sustainability is top of their agenda.

Companies of all sizes – including those offering delivery services – should be looking at ways to incorporate green practices into their fleet operation, says HH Driveright, particularly as only 2% of CEOs said that ESG does not inform their policies at all.

Yet, with many fleets not yet all-electric or even partially eco-friendly, too little is being done to deliver on the agenda of those running Britain’s businesses. The majority of delivery fleets have no idea how much CO2 they are generating and could not provide any evidence of this to a board of directors keen to assess their company’s environmental impacts.

For those needing to report on ESG for their investors or other stakeholders, this could be a crucial facility lacking within their supply chain.

Even companies not committed to full ESG strategies are recognising the consumer wants to support businesses demonstrating environmental concern. Fewer than one-in-ten customers say they are not concerned about environmental sustainability when engaging with products.[ii] 76% of consumers are trying to assist climate change and expect brands to take similar actions. 57% are influenced by a brand’s sustainability practices.[iii]

For fleets struggling to know where to start, and unable to contemplate an eco-friendly vehicle switch, monitoring CO2 emissions for carbon offset, is a great place to begin a green journey. Recognising this, HH Driveright has built a CO2 emissions monitor into its GM 2020 device’s digital dashboard. This accessible suite of reports, details everything from speeding and handbrake usage to vehicle location – other benefits of a device that automatically immobilises a van left unlocked for more than 10 seconds, to protect both vehicle and goods.

The GM2020 collates the CO2 data throughout the journey and reports back on the fleet’s CO2 performance in simple and easy-to-translate ways. Knowing how much CO2 is generated, enables a fleet to utilise that information beneficially, compensating through actions such as tree planting or funding green initiatives that will help the local environment.

The GM2020 also, crucially, reports back on engine idling – the bad practice of unnecessarily keeping the engine running when the vehicle is at a standstill. This generates pollutants when there is no need to do so. By flagging up this poor driving behaviour, the GM2020 provides a fleet manager with the chance to better train a driver engaging in this practice and improve their fleet’s overall CO2 emissions performance.

Added to this, encouraging driving within the speed limit, less harsh acceleration and a driving style that avoids excessive braking, will also help cut emissions generated by other parts of the vehicle, such as tyres and brakes.

Brake dust actually contributes 20% of fine particulate matter pollution.[iv] Almost 2000 times more particulate pollution is produced by worn out car tyres than comes from modern car exhausts.[v] In the past week, it has been said that six million tonnes of tyre wear particles are released globally each year, with the figure being 9000 tonnes for London alone.[vi] Using advanced driving techniques to avoid tyre wear is one of the recommendations of researchers at Imperial College London, who have released these figures.

“Fleet managers must take action on climate change and embed green strategies within their fleet,” says HH Driveright’s managing director, Rebecca Hall. “We have personally demonstrated how easy it is to do, by collecting CO2 data from a vehicle travelling across Europe and the Ukraine. All CO2 details were automatically collated, proving how simple CO2 calculations are, once the GM 2020 is fitted.

“Focusing on where bad driving behaviours generate unnecessary emissions, can enable fleet managers to take corrective action that can assist the environment. At the same time, using GM 2020’s insights can help save money on tyres, brake pads and the fuel wasted during idling, not to mention vehicle parts that experience accelerated deterioration because of the incomplete combustion process that accompanies idling. Improving driving behaviours should also result in fewer accidents and lower insurance premiums, so there are many wins to be had.”

To find out more about the GM2020, which costs from just £5 per vehicle per month, head to our products page or call 01937 830144.

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