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From Vehicle Theft to Recovery – See HH Driveright in action.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

One of our customers recently had a vehicle theft whilst they were making deliveries.

Our team were able to immobilise, track and retrieve the vehicle and get the driver back on the road – all in less than half an hour.

Here’s how we did it:

7:50 am

Driver Exits Van

The driver left his engine running and driver’s door open whilst collecting parcels from the right rear door. (His keys and phone were still inside his vehicle).

7:53 am

Thief Arrives

The thief entered the vehicle from the driver’s side and drove off with the van and its contents.


HHD alerted

The Driver calls HH Driveright to inform of theft, and spoke to Ivan. Ivan checked the script to make sure immobilisation was active. He then monitored the vehicle’s location and status.

8:00 am

Vehicle Stops

The thief stopped the van and turned the engine off but left the key in the ignition. The GM2020 script now caused the vehicle to safely immobilise. (The device will not immobilise the vehicle whilst the engine is running)

8:01 am

Vehicle Abandoned

The thief, now finding he could not start the van, abandoned the vehicle including all the contents.

8:02 am

Vehicle Located

Ivan, who had been watching the status of the vehicle, told the driver that the van was now immobilised and stationary. He gave the driver the vehicle’s location. The driver then contacted the police and made his way to the vehicle.

8.10 am

Vehicle Retrieved

The driver found the vehicle with the key still in the ignition with his phone still on the seat and all the contents still in the back.

8.12 am

Driver Logs In

Ivan had also re-sent the driver his log in details (he had forgotten his password) . The driver was able to turn off the immobiliser himself and carry on his day.

Driver Review

Brilliant Service!

HH Driveright provided a brilliant service. My van was stolen with my phone and keys still inside but after calling the helpline, my van was immobilised and recovered in 10 minutes because of the immobiliser. My van was easily found with the tracker and the system was easy to use. I am happy with service given by HH Driveright.

Mohammad Sajjad


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