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Device Prompts 82% Fall in Theft Incidents in High Risk Delivery Areas

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

High-profile courier client of telematics specialist, HH Driveright, has seen vehicle and goods theft incidents drop by 82%, in high-risk areas of the UK in which its parcel delivery vans are fitted with HH Driveright’s GM2020 device.

In non-high-risk areas, in which its vans are not fitted with the GM2020, there has been a 42% increase in thefts.

These hugely contrasting figures demonstrate the latent theft threat to vans and goods and the value of a device which swiftly changes delivery driver behaviours with regard to locking their van.

The GM2020 auto-immobilises any van left unlocked and unattended for more than 10 seconds, if the driver does not respond to an audible alert. If the vehicle is compatible, it can also auto-lock the van doors.

This simple action does two things. It prevents the van from being driven away and gives the driver a wake-up call. Although it only takes a few minutes to remobilise the van, the incident makes the driver’s action evident. An employed driver quickly starts to lock their van.

HH Driveright’s GM2020, recognised at the 2022 Logistics UK Van Awards, was created on the basis of a deep knowledge of the delivery market. Eight-in-ten drivers do not lock their van whilst delivering a parcel. An unlocked van is an easy target for a thief, whether opportunist or part of a criminal gang tracking delivery vehicles.

A gang will either sell a stolen van to a pre-determined customer, or strip it down into component parts for re-sale, often abroad. An opportunist thief, just passing by, is often more interested in the goods on board.

With vans carrying sometimes 150 parcels or more, the value of goods being transported is significant. To monetise those, the thief needs to drive the van away, park it up and unload. If the GM2020 has immobilised the vehicle, that is impossible.

In some incidents, van drivers have had keys taken at knifepoint. Should this occur, and the GM2020 set up to do so, HH Driveright can immobilise the van when the thief next stops. The device will then pinpoint its location, enabling police to act quickly. This could see both goods and van returned to the courier.

“We are delighted to see the GM2020’s positive impact reflected in our client’s figures,” says HH Driveright’s managing director, Rebecca Hall. “They demonstrate how effective it is in combatting van and goods theft. With an 82% drop in the highest risk areas, our client is benefiting from a fantastic level of protection, simply by ensuring vehicles are not left unlocked and vulnerable.

“The GM2020 is a far more effective deterrent than just a tracker. It keeps the vehicle on the road, delivering goods and not letting customers down. It is a fundamental weapon in any business continuity strategy for a delivery company, large or small.”

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