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Don't Get Spooked By Seasonal Changes

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Pumpkins glowing in the dark Photo by <a href="">Andy Holmes</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

With Halloween and the arrival of darker winter evenings on the horizon, it’s time to not get spooked by the risks your business faces. Just be more aware of the areas leaving you exposed, address them and stay better protected, with HH Driveright's help.

Darker Nights: How can you protect your vehicles?

Darkness is a great ally for vehicle thieves, so do all you can to make theft harder.

Park in a better lit area. Don’t leave valuables in your van or other vehicle overnight.

Try to park against or up to walls, to make it difficult to access the rear or side door of the vehicle and take note that old-fashioned steering wheel locks are having a real resurgence, as they give criminals another thing to think about, if choosing a vehicle to target. If you have a keyless ignition system, keep your fob inside a Faraday sleeve, to prevent thieves intercepting the key code from outside. Potentially invest in motion-sensor lighting on your drive and CCTV cameras too.

A group of white vans in a yard

Protecting Vehicles in a Yard

If you have a fleet of vehicles left overnight in a yard, make sure it has good security fencing or gate locks, CCTV cameras and possibly also floodlighting. Limit who, within the workforce, has access to gate keys.


Protecting vehicles and goods whilst delivering

If out on the road delivering, remember not to keep your vehicle running or unlocked whilst heading to the customer’s door. Your van, or goods in the back of it, could be gone in seconds, even in broad daylight. If you left the keys inside the vehicle, your insurance claim may well be turned down, leaving you to finance the cost of a replacement vehicle, or stolen goods, yourself.

If you want something that will protect your vehicle, in case you forget to lock it - even if that’s at home on your drive or street - invest a small sum in the GM 2020 device from HH Driveright. This will auto-immobilise your van in 10 seconds (and auto-lock it too, if compatible), if you forget.

This device has led to an 82% reduction in theft incidents in high risk areas, in the fleet of one major delivery organisation. Where not use, in lower risk areas, thefts have increased by 42%. The GM 2020 also has many other features that can help you cut your risks and we can typically negotiate an insurance discount for clients using this device, so talk to us.

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